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New to Rhino and Grasshopper so this question may seem naive to some of you.


How can I turn a Surface using surface offset into a solid?  I know it can be done in Rhino, just trying to figure out how to do it in grasshopper.


Thank you.

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use extrude

But with extrude i can only do in one vector direction...What if it's a curved surface?


Thank you for your reply

Or loft the two surface edges after you've offset the first one. Then Cap it to make it solid.

yeah that's what I was thinking on doing.



grasshopper can loft two surfaces together, no need to even use the edges. Its one of my personal favorite little tweaks that grasshopper's loft has over rhino's loft.

Wow that's interesting to know, one more reason to always keep my grasshopper opened in Rhino.

thats awsm!!...thanks

Actually it can't. When you feed a surface into a curve parameter, it just internally creates a curve based on the surface boundary. So as long as the surfaces only have a single boundary curve it appears to work, but when the surfaces have internal closed trims it will fail as a single surface now has to be converted into multiple curves, and that would break conversion constraints.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

well yea, I meant a surfaces with no holes :)

what about a trimed surface ? how can i turn it int solid in GH ?

I have a offset surface component here which can do it.

What would you do if you want to offset a srf and turn it into a solid brep?






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