algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Surface from boolean, union, join, split curves without getting (crazy|mad|sad|nuts)?

I have a bunch of lines, 8 from exploded rectangles and 4 curves. When I manually split and join those in Rhino I very easily get what I want: A (more or less) beautiful surface.

What would I have to do in Grasshopper to get the same surface from these curves?

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Just spotted that one:

achievable but only via code (C# for me). Shown 2 out of 3 options available (Tree of curves per "island", regions per "island", union region).

Hi Marcus,
I think maybe you want to try the workaround I showed Roberto over here (note: it's slow) :
I changed a little to make it work for your situation:
If anybody knows a cleaner/quicker way, I would also like to know it! 
(edit: oops I hid the CullPattern and BoundarySurface component under the viewport frame...)


Smart stuff that one. Changed some minor things (as an alternative).


Thanks Peter, but your added Area and Solid(!)Difference component made it even slower...

Well ... that's exactly the definition of progress: do stuff so slow that forces you to buy another workstation with 666 (min) cores ... that due to the recent O/S upgrade is ... er... a tortoise actually > play it again Sam.

he, he

Added the ultimate challenge for the very brave.

Handle with extreme care (indeed it's a "bit" slow).

C# beats spaghetti by a huge margin (but that's expected): time shown is the total time required (including the Brep.CreatePlanarBreps thingy).

HOWEVER: Pieter's approach is so smart (and simple) that justifies the delay.

Moral: Not the fastest bunny is the best bunny.


The first JoinCurves component turns out to be superfluous (the one leading to the SurfaceSplit C input), you can remove that. Not much speed gained by that, but it's a tiny bit cleaner.

I think ShatterInt (from this discussion), followed by Boundary component (flattened input) works ok.

The old planarSurface component didnt need any shatter (as Alex Jenter pointed), but it seems to have changed.






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