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I started out with some tutorials few days ago and now I thought to start working on a project, as I thought that would be a good start to practice the software. But, I got stuck very fast. I know this might be a silly thing. But I set up multiple points from rhino into grasshopper. And want to create a surface from it. Unable to do so. Tried various options and read on multiple blogs. Can someone guide me for the same.

I have attached the files.

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Is it just an exercise to train GH? Where did you get these points from the first place?

In this case, depending on the context of the particular geometry(ie; your point grid in 3d space), sorting and rearranging the coordinates of the points is better to rely on the relative situation rather than the general solution. Furthermore, your point data has many duplicate points.

Recreating what you can easily create in Rhino with GH can be helpful for training, but generally it's not a good idea.


Hello sir,

I have already made a model in rhino. But its a poly surface and we can;t extract a poly surface in grasshopper from rhino, That's why I extracted points and trying to make it a surface. Can we somehow extract a poly surface? Because when I select component surface and set surface, it doesn't select my poly surface in rhino.

I tried with brep. It worked. I am looking into the script you made. And after many tutorials, I realise I am still unaware of many things. For example cull points.

Instead of asking questions randomly in the forum, I encourage you to visit "here" for a while to study the basics.

Yes sir. I did tried the tutorials, but somehow when started an actual project I got stuck. This is the model I have developed in rhino. Its a space station module. And now I am looking forward to do volumetric zoning  (as space counts for 0 gravity) in grasshopper. I started doing a mistake of extracting points for whole of this is rhino and creating surface in grasshopper.

GH is not a bespoke software for reverse engineering.

It seems to me that your model is a formal one(basic surface with cylinder + revolvig arc + subdivide surface).

Why don't you build it in grasshopper from scratch?

Yes. I wanted to do the same.

You are saying to build from scratch so that I am able to learn software or would it be a benefit to the model?

I know this is a rigid canned structure to go to outer space. Now my challenge here is to develop flexible, organic, modular lightweight interiors for a group of 21 people.

So, now I am thinking to use the rhino geometry only and brep it in grasshopper. Reason: So that I can start experimenting with options.

Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

If you check the attached file, you'll see the advantages of parametric model using GH.

The size of the module can be freely adjusted as well as the division of the panel.



Hello sir,

I am understanding the code from scratch and I am amazed that without knowing the dimensions and all, you built it so perfectly and that too with all mathematics.

Can you please tell me what is the process you follow before making a grasshopper script?

Do you figure out the geometry and their relations? How do you start? I am very curious to know. It would be really helpful for me. When I made this in rhino, I was making circles and cylinders with their values. What you did here is really amazing and to me at this stage very tough. I would like to know the process, if possible.

Thank you.

Hey, anchal bhaskar.

There is no special way. If you've ever used Rhino's history feature, it's easy to understand.

Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor that literally shows the whole algorithm in a linear fashion.

Linear means that it runs from left to right on the canvas.

Basically, reverse coding is impossible and you'll need a separate coding or plugin to do this.

Therefore, the algorithm is always linked to the previous step, and the later ones will be affected by the previously connected parameters.

This is the basic working principle of the Grasshopper. Nothing special.






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