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Hi All,


I'm trying to create a fairly simple definition but having some problems finessing it to where I would like. I've been able to create the basic premise but am facing some issues:


I want the boxes to move only in the z direction a distance of 0-16 based on their distance from the sphere attractor, creating an altered landscape around the attractor (The base state would be a field of cubes that exist on a plane and only move in one z direction).


I can't create the limits to act as I would like, as I would like the attractor to create a depression in the boxes and not a rise. I've tried using various math functions but haven't been able to get it to work.


Any suggestions?



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Hi Drew, I added some things that might help you make your landscape. Good luck!

Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for! Will play around with it and try to take it to the next step now.


Thank you!

Great:) you're welcome.

So my next step was to add more points of attraction to begin to see the effects of more of a 'crowd' behavior on the landscape, however when I added more points along alternative courses the model began to bifurcate and I am not able to segregate the points smoothly. Is there any way to do this? 


many thanks

Is this what you're talking about? If so all you needed to do was swap a closest point component out for your distance component. That way you're always measuring the distance to the closest attractor.
Yes that's what I was looking for! I'm new to the program and still developing a working knowledge of all the components, and it's always a pleasant moment when something is so easily solved. Thanks for your help Nate!
I am trying to show the vectors between the attractor point and the cubes in the landscape it is influencing. After toying with it for a bit I'm still not able to constrain the vectors to only show the local influence for each point. It seems like it should be a simple operation but operating on no sleep isn't assisting! Any ideas?
Hi Drew, i tried something on a bit smaller definition to try to get this done. I think it could be (much) simpler than this, but it might inspire you to get that done... Let me know if you find an easier way please! Hope this helps.

Hi Drew, did you achieve your goal with the vectors? Have you tried this with Andrew Heumann's AssignPaths script at

I like how it looks with round pixels:)

I am hoping to use this file to create a link to my android device. I am hoping to create a connection between gh3d and android so that a grid would show on my phone similar to the gh model and allow touch manipulation of the field (touching the android screen with my finger would act as the attractor in gh) in real time.

Is this possible? I am thinking I will have to create a small custom application in processing or python to generate the visual end on android, but am not sure and was curious if anyone has tried anything similar.







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