algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I'm trying to split a revolved surface so I am left with the part that is protruding from the box in the image below.

I don't understand why this is so hard! I must be missing something!

Is there a better way to create this surface?

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Hi Martyn,

It might have something to do with the seam orientation so I instead swung a half-ellipse around 2 Pi, so the seam is totally within the box. Also, I and others on this forum have had problems with splitting conics and surfaces based on conics. Too few control points???


Thanks Ethan!

Good reminder of the Shatter component too!

Good call Ethan.  That revolved ellipse was a nasty surface!!  NOTHING would intersect with it.  Even with Ethan's fix, it's still not a "Closed Brep" so I'm surprised that 'SDiff' works.  Here is a 'SrfSplit' approach, one of several intersection methods that all failed with the original 'RevSrf'.  It has a test sphere in addition to the ellipse.




thanks Joseph,

I always have issues with revolved surfaces!

Its the seams, happens often with spheres also. Even just in rhino things get weird if you say.. try and draw a curve on surface across the seam - it usually wants to go the opposite direction. 






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