algorithmic modeling for Rhino

sort points in triangle grid to create independent lists of parallel curves

I have a triangular grid and I want to interpolate curves through the points as illustrated in the screen shot so that I have three independent lists of parallel curves. Im having difficulty sorting the points in a way that would allow me to do this. Any ideas?

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Depends on how your original points are organized. Posting your files might help with that. That said, it will come down to a clever combination of FlipMatrix and ShiftList.

Hi Hannes -- thanks for replying to my discussion. I've posted the definition here so you can take a look. I can get the points on the grid, cull duplicates, and draw polylines between the points that give the overall appearance of what I'm aiming for.  But when it comes to sorting the points and curves as mentioned above, I'm stumped. Your help is appreciated.


It's a little chunky around the middle, but it works...


Hi Hannes, I want to thank you for your work on this. I know it's been almost two months since I first posted this question, but I'm finally circling back to this project and your help has proven to be very valuable. Thanks again.






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