algorithmic modeling for Rhino


do I have a chance to sort the MeshFaces (see first Picture)? Best solution would be like the second picture

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I too have started a library of sorts. On "My Page" there is a text box which you can add all kinds of stuff including links. One of which is to this discussion and David's explanation of 2D sorting.

I've started doing this 'cause there's only so much my brain can hold!


Have you looked into Microsoft Onenote? I've been using it to take notes and I find it incredibly helpful, especially since it can clip info from the web, take screen shots, and embed any data file.

For Example you can take a screen shot of the results of your script, take any notes and then place a link or embed the grasshopper file. Then you can use the search feature to find whatever you need. I'm hooked! It really helps since there is so much information to deal with when doing more advanced CAD work.

I use onenote but not everyone can access that.

You can make the notebook public, but not sure that would be the best solution, since you might publish something you don't want to.

Just thought I would add something to this discussion. Although it has been dormant for a while I have found it really helpful. For my own work I needed all the mesh face boundaries as individual lines and I needed them sorted. Now as this creates duplicate lines when flattened, removing the duplicates always messes up the orders and quite often the order is mixed up if the original surface/mesh is rotated.

Using the scripts posted on this discussion, particularly David Rutten's 2D sort, I think this may be a solution for sorting the lines (not the faces) according to U and V values rather than the cartesian co-ordinates. This means that for any rotation of the initial surface, it should still work. I would be interested to see if anyone gets the same results or can see ways of improving this. 







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