algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Something i have not run into nor can i find the answer for.

I'm trying to find a way to have a point attractor determine the attraction or repulsion of varying line segement intervals with possibly the evaluate components. So the achieved result would be points that gradient in "accelerating" intervals away from or towards the point. I havent been able to find any examples and every method i have tried always seems to result still on equal divisions of the curve. Any help?, preferably visual aids, i easily get lost in tough technical talk.  thanks. 
-Michael Pryor

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I apologize if this is written confusing. It is 1:32am and I habe been struggling with this concept since 9am. 

ok!? Well have a look at this file. Maybe I am lucky and this is what you looking for! Go and get some sleep! :-)

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wow this is extremely helpful, thank you greatly, referencing an arc seems so obvious now that I think about it now if i could get this idea to work with an attraction point I would be in business. Any guesses?

yes this should work as well. Take a point instead of the centerline (for example the upper end of the centerline). then connect the arc division to the point. this gives you different distance values. use them for the decreasing intervals.


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