algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey guys.
Ive being trying to create a ptosthetic cover in grasshopper, for a college work and im in a stage i need to take off the whole back of the model. im trying to do it using the solid difference, but the result is the trim of just a small part off the back.
Can some one help me?

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Hi Gabriel,

Are you trying to make a mold?? (the box minus the shape you're working with?) perhaps you need to subtract the original polysurface as a full volume (not the one with holes) and subtract it from the box?

Posting a file or an actual photo of what you want to do helps



No, actualy i want to take off the back off teh object(first image).

I just gt this in rhino, but n grasshopper i cant, i think its because there are a lot off surfaces instead of one (second image). I also cant join them to make a single surfce.



An image or screenshot of the actual shape you want to subtract would be easier to understand. With 'the back of the object' do you refer to the other side/half of the whole object or just the flat back of the whole object?

the other half.

I want to turn this (first img)

into this (second image)

But in grassopper.

what i did was in rhino.


i really dont know if sollid difference is aprpriate, i tryied different ways, but none work

Right! Try 'trim solid' component rather than solid difference. That might do the trick. If you're left with pieces inside the cutting box then cull them out or just delete after bake! Let me know what if this works


The result is very close to the 'solid difference', take a look


Pretty pointless to speculate without having access to the GH model.  We don't need all the code that creates the model, just an internalized copy of the complex brep in your images.

Sorry, im iniciant in GH.

But sure, i can show the whole code.(images)

The 3rd image shows the inicial surface.

If you guys need something else, just ask, sorry for the lack of knowledge.


No, images don't help.  Not to be rude but... see #3:

Read this first! How to get help on this forum.

Oh yes, not rude at all, it makes sense now, hahaha. I hadnt saw the david post, Thanks.

Heres the gh file, if theres something else you need, please, just ask :)


I don't have LunchBox 'Tringle Panels B', though am tempted to install it to see this model.  Can you connect an empty 'Brep' or 'Geo' param to the output of the last 'Trim Solid', right-click it and "Internalize data", then post a GH file containing only that?







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