algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here is an example of VB script  for joining quite smoothly  extrusions (minimum of 4). I used circles and rounded rectangles as profile for extrusions.  But I think others shapes could be done. 

These shapes are put on the vertices of a convex triangular mesh. The axes of the extrusion is oriented toward the average of the vertices of the mesh. At the moment the meeting point of the extrusion direction must be inside the convex hull of the vertices.

The script generate a BREP not a mesh.

It is still WIP, and as I have no project on that, no printer ... feel free to put some improvement or ask for some improvement. I will try (at my speed).  

Apologize to the dark lord it is VB not C# :-)

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Wow, I like this. Thanks for sharing.

Yikes! it's indeed in VB.

Other that that, congrats.

best, Lord of Darkness

Still WIP, I need to treat points that are apart from the node. I think I will put virtual point, and I will need to make a Convex Hull in order ot get rid off the need of the mesh to describe the nodes.

On the progress I treat now the quad. No more need of mesh with triangles.

I also treat external (male) or internal (female) connections. 

I need to improve the inner surface which junction the blend curves. I used curve network, sweep 2 rails, ... but the whole is not so smooth. 

The red objects are the mesh I used to generate nodes.


In case that you need some Convex Hull thingy


BTW: I'm sure that you know this already, but get the latest anyway (load Rhino file first)


Thanks, I will use your def as a departure point for testing automatic generation of nodes. 

After a quick look I discover 2 new things so I imagine it will discover many others things.  

But first I want a better look for inner surfaces of quad face. I have to make some blending !

All the best

Hmm ...

1. Is this for some decorative object/small stuff/furniture  right? If so don't get "lost in the translation" (nice movie was that one, BTW). Who's gonna notice it?

2. On the other hand over there is the AEC thingy > I see challenges aplenty > for the brave > like this ... or that ...

keep walking the walk, best, Lord of SardineLand

 Very cool, but fortunately, if a large number of individual less optimistic

This is awesome! Thank you so much!!!






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