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Hello everyone!

I am trying to create what is described in the title, I already browsed the forum and found definitions for variable amplitude sine curve, but nothing for variable frequency. Anyone knows how that could be done?


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There's a lot of ways to vary the frequency by using the 'right' function inside the sine. Could you draw what you'd like yours to look like.

thanks for the response! something like that (see attached picture)


You didn't find enough ! 

I joke I add also difficulties finding what I did not so long !!

A variable frequency sinus(f(x)) is quite simple to make, if f(x) is a monotonous function, it just increases or dicreases when x increase. If first derivative is constant, frequency is constant. If derivative changes frequency changes. You could use graph mapper followed by mass addition (same as integral). Example here

wow thanx Laurent! Excellent contribution!

Here another example 

on second thought i think i am doing something wrong. the curve appears to be discontinuous. I used the polyline output from david's part, what am i missing? I am looking for a result exactly like the smooth sine line on the last graph you sent above.


An example smooth 


that's great, thank you very much!






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