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Hi All,

A bit of a beginner questions here as I'm still getting to grips with Grasshopper;

I'm currently using Grasshopper to do my university dissertation, and I've been having some difficulty using the polyline/line functions: is there a way to divide a polyline into lines of equal lengths? - The important part being that they have to be individual lines

I've explored the possibility of using the 'divide curve' and 'shatter' components, but they give polylines/points instead of discrete lines

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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Say you have a polyline consisting of two segments. Say one is 3, one is 5m long. How would you divide those and get only 2m long segments?

If the exact form of the original polyline doesn't matter, you can use the component "DivideDistance". Then PLine the resulting list of Vertices, Explode to get all the exact length line segments.


This was exactly what I was looking for, you've helped solve something I tried all afternoon to do, many thanks!







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