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Hello all!

I am trying to use the "shatter" function to split a series of segments at their intersection points. So first I use the function "Multiple curves" and then "shatter" them at the parameters resulting tb.

I have been trying to re-parametrize, flattening, grafting... but as you can see in the snapshot I posted, it misses to split the segments at a portion of the intersection points (the ones at the bottom right of the hexagons).

Can somebody help? I couldn't find many explanations on the "Shatter" command, and the ones on this blog have not helped... I don't fully understand how the command works, so somebody who does might be able to easily solve it.

I hope somebody out there has the answer :)

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Think U

Thank yo very much systemic I wonder if this is possible, why there is not  a component like that in the grasshopper?thank you again.


Should work with trees (curves in same branch will shatter), added a self-intersect toggle, runs a bit faster.


Nice. I've been wishing it would respect trees.  Thanks.

It's nice, but it's too bad that it flattens the input tree...


i have kinda the same problem, but if i use your command, the sections are randomly. I need to have the Intersection points onnly the tops and bottoms not the middle one, if you now what i mean?



just use Sort

excellent solution Systemiq


Iam also using the component of SystemIQ, thank you very much for it! 

I have some kind of an additional problem related to hese irregular structures, in my project I need the cells sizes of each cell defined by my lines. Is it somehow possible to get the cells from an irregular mesh like this?

Thank you so much Systemiq!

your solution really helps!

Thank-you Systemiq!!






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