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Seperate circles in different branches without using explode tree


I am still learning some grasshopper´s logics regarding data managing, but I have 9 goemetries (circles) in one component (circle) and what I need is having those circles in different components so that I can select them seperatly without using explode tree, because the number of circles need to vary. 

Is there a way possible to do that?

Thank you

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You need more information than that. Really depends what you want to do. Look at these components - Dispatch, Cull pattern, Sift, Split list, List item, Pick'n'Choose 

I am sorry for not explaining with the accurate gh terms, but I think neither of those components will achieve what I am trying to do because I need the circles to be seperated, and now they are all embebed in the circles component. As a local solution the explode tree would do, but because the amount of circles vary I will have to match outputs every time, and I was wondering if there was a more elegant way to do that.

Thank you


You need more information than that.

What is the criteria for your circle selection. What are they used for? how are they being picked? If you just want to pick one sometime then your best option is list item. If there is some logic to why you are picking it then do some tests (maybe you want a certain size circle - you would calculate areas, do an equality test, then use cull pattern) and choose the appropriate logic. If there is no logic then you are left to use, list item, explode tree, or random. How else would you select something without a specific criteria?  

Are you aware of 'List Item'?  I made small changes to make your code more readable.  The way you create the domain is odd...


Same code, different slider settings:







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