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I have filleted a bunch of curves, that came out of the section/intersect with Brep component. I end up with curves that are straight lines and about 1/3 amount of curves that need to be filleted.

Somehow only the filleted curves show and can be baked. They show up while the straight lines are considered invalid curves. 

Why is this, and why will the fillet component not just ignore the straight lines, but still allow them to be baked. 

Alternatively, can I select the valid curves from the list and recombine them with the straight curves.  The image shows that index = 0 but somehow I cannot figure out how to select or split the list based on invalid and valid curves. 


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Hello Marcello,

Check out this discussion on how to select a specific type of curves.

Also note that you don't have one list with many curves but rather many lists with one curve each. That's why the index is always 0 (each curve is the first item in its list). If you want one list you can right-click the curve output and select "flatten".

thanks ! will take a look


I think this is what your looking for.

Just flatten the C output of you Brep/Plane Component then write in the code from the first reply of the  link with Contains(x,"Line-Like Curve") as the function. This will dispatch the lines out to be baked/used separately while the other curves can be connected to the fillet and baked/used. So i can give you an example i don't have GH on this machine.






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