algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Please takea look at the file. the given brep does not generate properly. the grillage is only in one direction and it is even broken. Thankyou in advance.

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I think the offset was exploded the section curves. I plugged a "SimplifyCrv" into the definition, so try the attached one.


Thank for the reply Eric,but it is still not working. Did you try it with the rhino attatched file? Did it work? It gives different broken geometries at different slider values.

Try changing Thickness to .172 and Width to .5 (I think these were your original settings).  It will take a while to update.  Let me know if that works.  

still not working.

not working. Have to make the model till friday. It worked fine before, but once the form got little more complex it has stopped working. you can take a look at my last model here.





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