algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I deal with continous lines , wrapping volumes, rotating and twisting in 3d space (like dance) and I would like to generate them. Is there any existing code similar to this tecnique, in grasshopper?

The first image I subjoin is a characteristic drawing of my work , while the second is a reference I found in pinterest.

Thank you in advance

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hello chara

i believe firefly with a camera could help you to this direction



*edit i thought you need a way to capture the motion.

thnx for the reply Alex.

I am searching something more into generative argorithms... a code that is dealing with twisting/rotating curves...

Hello Chara,

Unless you can detect some kind of rule  behind these images they are just scribbles.

You can easily draw a curve through a set of random points:

It will get more interesting when you start defining it by setting up some rules though....

thanx Nikos for the reply.

My basic logic is the transition of the line to survace and volume, throughout its iteration, rotation and twisting-directionality... It is a kind of wrapping an invisible volume.

i will have to agree with nikos. it seems to me too abstract to judge by two photos and suggest something.  grasshopper offers lots of components (add plugins too) that can help you "script" a generative algorithm. but somehow you need to make it a bit more specific.

for example since you are after generative you could try Quelea - agent-based modeling

or for the second image i first thought firefly because it seems like a capture of body's movement

you first picture reminds me of a really nice work, the geometry of bending by marten nettelbladt , where he used kangaroo to simulate bending and many more.

the are many options to choose from. existing code exists but you will have somehow to search for it, meaning have the keywords describing it, meaning have a more clear description of what you are after.




your references seem to be interesting. Thanx.

Something like this?
If this is what you are looking for I can explain the logic.

thnx Daniel... it could be something like that...starting from 2d and generating in 3d wrapping...

could you explain me the logic?

The idea is to iterate a point by:
projecting a point on a mesh,
separating out a little of the mesh with the normal vector,
moving in any direction,
repeat the process.

And storing all points, create a curve.

I just did a quick code, I think will be helpful.


thank you :-)






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