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I am trying to write a custom vb component to take a mesh from gh, bake it, select, apply edge softening and then extract render mesh.

I usually do it in rhino but since it become totally repetetive in my recent project i would like to write a vb for that

Code for now looks like that:

Dim idd As guid
Dim att As New rhino.DocObjects.ObjectAttributes

If X Then

idd = doc.Objects.AddMesh(meshyx)

Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript("_ApplyEdgeSoftening" & "_Softening=1", False)

End If

Right now it only bakes the mesh. It looks like i have some error with runscript syntax. Any help?

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You might find your answer here.

However, I'm still trying to change it to input meshes through GH and output it as a GH-output.

Please let me know if you get it to work! :)

If you can and are willing to work in Rhino WIP, this feature is now included in Rhinocommon. There's a method added to the Mesh class named "WithEdgeSoftening".






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