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Hi guys,

I've created a twisting tower and with the help of the - adaptive_octopus_sun_component discussion I think I managed to represent the solar path analysis on the building.
I've created the tower from moltiple curves the represent the area of floor plans,
but the problem is, I cant fine a way to intelligently divide the curves - responsively to the radiation analysis color (for example - that yelow area on of the building will have more division on each floor plan)

do you have any ideas on how to do that?
i tried to use attractors be failed miserably..


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I would suggest using very specific colors where you would like to divide the curves. Since you're working with color gradients, it's hard to say "split at the yellow area." If you choose one yellow-orange color VALUE and one yellow-blue color VALUE to first divide the curves, then you can work more precisely within the yellow, blue, orange, etc... areas.

Hope that helps, otherwise I'd suggest posting a definition of what you have so far (with your attempts) and people are much more willing to help. (Since we don't have to build the whole definition from scratch before trying to help solve your problem!)

Best! Elizabeth
ill try to do that
if i fail (again) ill surely do as you suggested!


Im working on a twisting tower model, created with two helixes rotating each other.
As i said earlier, I need to divide the floor plans parametrically so that the division of the floor changes according to a solar exposure analysis.
(to simplify it - the more sun you get the smaller the apartment. i know it sounds twisted but i have reasons for that)

the problem is, i cant seem to color specific areas on the lofted building facade so that ill be able to control the division of each floor by the facade's color.

do you have any idea on how to do that?

thanks and have a great weekend!






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