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I was always using the script from Giulio's website to render animation. As it's obsolete for some time and it doesn't seem to work with newest versions of GH, I decided to rewrite it.

It's basically the same as the original. I just added the possibility to bake to a specific layer so that v-ray materials can be used.

Quite useful with camera control plugin.

The example file attached.



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Thanks Jacek.

Just to let you know as soon as you open the file its starts rendering!

oops. sorry

but that means it works! :)


It does! Thanks a lot, Jacek, its great! 

One may run into problems when starting it (or re-starting it again manually), but disabling the main c# component and reactivating it does the trick.

Thanks Jacek.

I wasn't aware that it stopped working. Thanks for fixing it (I did it a couple times in these years) and porting it to RhinoCommon. I will link to this thread from that post.


- Giulio

Postscript: it would be awesome if one could also specify a material name and if that material was looked up in the document. I know some people relied upon that.

Was your postscript ever addressed? I've been using Flamingo materials by name.

Hi Nathan,

here is an addition to Jacek's port to have again a similar type of material lookup.
I hope it helps,

- Giulio


Thanks so much!  My few attempts at altering the component had failed.  This is very helpful.  I'm presenting a recently developed Urban master planning tool at the University of Washington on Monday that makes use of this definition.  I'll post some screenshots... next week... and will appropriately credit your generous help.  Thanks!

Hey Jacek thanks for the post. I seem to be able to get everything to work besides the final rendering. It is returning an error stating "Impossible to re-delete one object" and will not render. 

I am using V-Ray + Rhino 4 + GH Build. 0.8.0065

Thanks, Nick

Ive just tried using this component with Maxwell 2.6. It worked just fine, but maxwell defaults to automatically overwriting the existing MXI and image file instead of automatically renaming each image/mxi incrementally (which is obviously a problem).

Anyone know a way around this? Or a way to enable incremental auto naming?

Oh also neither the MXI or image file was saved to the folder I specified in the component (myuser name/desktop/renderTest). I was thinking I could just have grasshopper alter the folder name it saves to (to create a new folder for each render) but that would be pretty tedious once they are all done (to get each image out of it's folder into a common one).

Regardless, the files didn't save to this new folder. I assume this is a maxwell thing but I'm not sure.

Look into the output section of Maxwell's scene manager.

You can specify the output folder. And there are options for auto file renaming... never used them though, so i don't know if they work the way we'd expect.

Has anyone tried to modify this component so that it can use MultiViewCapture as it's "renderer"?

Huge resolutions, transparent backgrounds, lots of cool features - no render time!

Would be cool.






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