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Well, I am asking myself if it is possible to render something direct from grasshopper (any add-on) or take a screen capture with really good quality.

For example I have this big topography (photo attached) and I want to capture this (only topography not the other objects) to use in the panels of my projects. Is there a possibility without rendering from Rhino / Vray? 

PS: or for example for taking capture from Ladybug (sunpath, schemes) representations

Best regards, 


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Rendering straight from gh will be available in rhino 6. Untill then, i think you are stuck with raster print in way high resolutions...

It's pretty straightforward to automate this using scripting. Attached the latest version of a GHPython component I usually use for making high resolution screen captures from the Rhino viewport (you can set the resolution inside the script).


Anders thanks for sharing this. very useful!



No worries :)

when I generate fast screenshots from an anemone loops some files get lost, i guess due to the naming with seconds.

would it possible to change the script that it takes a filename from a counter grasshopper instead of generating them by system time? thx!

Yup, I added an input named FileName (might be some other changes if I recall, look in the source code for documentation), this will override the default behaviour:


Good evening Anders,

is there a possibility to capture multiple viewports? That would be very helpful, to capture the same object from different angles.

Amazing! That is super, and so quickly :)


how could it be edited to capture what happens with models directly ? 

and to capture multiple view not only 1 at a time ?

Human's "Capture Viewport" component supports capturing + rendering multiple viewports at once: 


any tutorials ?

HI andrew thanks for pointing this up 

i couldn't find the (setup view) component mentione in the video 

and i couldn't capture or print screen views 

and does it print screen the view with sensitivity to what ever change in the geometry or should i capture it with every change ? 





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