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removing repeated items in a list while maintaining the order of the items

I want to remove the repeated items in this list while maintaining the order of the items. I don't a want restricted solution. for example, I don't wanna a script that will remove items from index 8 to index 15, because this list will change if I change variables in the script.

So if there is a way to remove repeated items without changing the order of the items in the list, this solution will work.


if there is a way to script the following statement "if 2 items are repeated below each other in a list (in this example 8 and 8) remove the repeated item and everything below it. (which is in this example it will be from index 8 to index 15)"

Thanks in advance :)

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here's one way:

sorry image compression on upload is pretty bad. But I think you can make it all out.

another way also (little weirder but might as well share) - expression in list length is x-1

Thanks for your help, I tried it too, to understand different ways of thinking and using of the components. 

Thanks for your help. I tried it, it worked perfectly :)






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