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Hello everybody! :)

I'm breaking my head :P... Is there a way to remap the output data tree structure of the Relative Item component using both A and B in order to achieve the same result of connecting dot with line(Ln), but interpolating a curve through points, remapping "diagonally" the data structure?  I hope to have been clear... Thank you a lot in advance!


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...any advices?

Lot's ... as soon as you provide your data (internalized)

Personally I wouldn't bother with trying to re-map anything Just Join your line Segments together and then explode them again this will order all the points in one diagonal together then put these into an IntCrv component


oh yes sorry I attach here the def...

Thank you Danny, yes I know there is this solution... but I really would like to try to achieve the same result using only the data structure if it's possible....  


Maybe this can shed some light


Thank you Peter! That's very interesting and useful but still is not exactly what I was looking for.. I'm gonna try using the split tree

Well ... to tell you the truth components are not my forte. I could easily provide tons of examples for making any pattern/combo imaginable on trees but ... er ... using solely code and I guess that you wouldn't like that "option".

If and when at some future time you choose that route drop a word.

Eh eh... yes I understand, actually it will be great! I think I've to move on that way too.. I'm pretty tired of the "spaghetti" code :)... Yep, if you can provide me some cases to study I would be very glad! Thx a lot 

Excellent news:

The Dark Side can offer you cookies and free Vodka ... in exchange of a minor insignificant thingy (see PDF) > go for it [ C# of course, what else?].

In the mean time get this attached. Use the preparation C# in other cases as well since the Rebuild/Transpose Methods etc etc are not available as native components. Leave the other "prep" C# as it is. 

There's 2 modes: (a) the Design mode where you design your pattern and test it against a flat tree of points (b) the Apply mode where ... er ... hopefully all the previous work on Surface Lists. Breps (trimmed Surfaces: holes and the likes) are supported in the internal version.

10 demo patterns are provided ... but later on you'll be able to design yours in less than 5 minutes.

BTW: You must sign the attached PDF for future assistance (a formality, don't bother with details > just sign).

best, Lord of Darkness


Ahaha that's really ok Lord here my soul!


Excellent I must say (spot my generosity: I offer real things in exchange of something that MAY doesn't even exist)

Soon ... you'll receive mild, wild and ultra freaky stuff to play with.

BTW: This is Yoda's house (White Side top dog) meaning that it's the best that they can offer:

But I (the Lord, that is) I usually start from this (including the red thingy in the background [that's the garage]):

BTW: Mail me some details: what sort of animal your are trying to achieve?


You may find this reference helpful to wrap your head around [Rel Item]:






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