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Relationship between building height (with its ducts openings) and width of streets

Hi everyone,

I want help from Grasshopper user .. I have file AutoCAD for masterplan I want to add it to Grasshopper.

I don't have file GIS, All I had are file dwg and analysis I did by Photoshop as (Existed Landuse, Heights, Street Width, .. etc).I want to make the relationship between building height (with its ducts openings) and width of streets.

What I know that import Autocad in Rihno but the progress to do in grasshopper, I have not enough information about it (I am not professional Grasshopper user ).

And what to import in Rhino is the outline of masterplan not with the existed building .. This is what I know must be done.

All I want to do is a Conceptual urban planning .. I watched a tutorial for it but I don't succeed in do it. 

The link ...

Thank you, 

Sherif El Adawy

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Hi Sherif,

If I understood your topic, the youtube video and grasshopper definition sketch correctly, you are looking for urban form generator?

At some specific location (in Alexandria for example) you would like to generate an array of buildings by limiting their shape/disposition/height due to certain criteria: landuse, street width...

I am afraid that in that case Gismo may not be of much help to you, as for now: Gismo generates the current real life 3d buildings and trees, as well as roads but only as lines.

While urban form generator requires creation of proposed (not currently erected) 3d buildings.

Maybe you can use Gismo to generate neighboring buildings around your location. But still that does not create your urban form generator.

If that sketch above is all you need at the moment, then my modest solution would be to post this question to new Grasshopper forum.






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