algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here a C# script used to generate recursive meshes (cube or pseudo sphere).

This script generate a solid mesh. 

The script accepts in entrance: 

center : center point (not very useful)
radius : radius of first sphere (not very useful)
alpha : size of the hole 
is_sphere : if true sort of sphere, instead a cube
recursion : number of recursions (Beware of of recursion bigger than 5 (280 000 vertices)
coeff_radius : scale of radius for each recursion
coeff_with : with scale between shaphes
stretch : coefficient of stretch of holes connections

It outputs quadrangle mesh. I also use Catmull-Clark sudivision.

The script first generates a cube ou sphere with 6 holes and after 6 new meshs connected by mesh connectors and so on ... so more than 1 million vertices for 6 subdivisions.

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