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Hello all i am new to grasshopper,

now i am learning grasshopper from Grasshopper Primer by Andrew Payne

in the tutorial i read, i found rectangular grid on the old grasshopper version has P;X;Y;S as input and G;C;M as output

but in my grasshopper the input is P;Sx;Sy;Ex;Ey and Output is only C;P

can You guys help me to solve this problem because in the tutorial told me to use the G output which is Grid as List

Thank You

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You can use the "P" output on the newer versions of "Rectangular grid" component, instead of "G" on the older component.

thank you so much djordje ,its very helpful !


I have one addition question about this same updated version.
In the old version it can create the grids as a center point from 0,0,0 point.
But now in the newer rectangular grid i can only start the corner of the grids from 0,0,0 which pushes center of the grids further.

I tried to deconstruct plane and trying to change the origin with putting values but I think there should be an other thing to do as a default to start the center of the grids from 0,0,0 coordinate but how ?

Hi Bora Doker
If I am correct understand you. You need try to use area centroid component.

Thanks for your reply, It is close but my problem excatly is with matching the z-axis as with the coincident of the central circle that you created.
In my attachment you can see that with the old version of grasshopper gives you what I want as in RED. But your way that is in GREEN snaps -x/-y corner of the grids to begin with from the coordinate 0,0,0.

So I want to put these grids as symetrical either with the x and y axis. The way should also be created by %100 in GH, without any point or line input from rhino commands.

Hope it helps..

Try this variant


Thanks for the enlightment mate... Cheers ! :)

I think this is the only solution for these issues. Its a pity that the default is not what I want like in the previous version though.. :/






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