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Is there a way to turn a set of curves extracted from Brep Plane intersection into a solid rectangular Object ( Similar to what pipe command does, only I want to do it with rectangular cross-section instead of circular). I have tried multiple definitions on the forum that talks about sweep tool using orient and perp frame components but nothing is working for me.

I am attaching a 3Dm and grasshopper file, with a reference image of what i intend to model. Suggestions are welcome, if there is a better way to do the thing. 

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Khizer,

Sweep doesn't work well on closed curves. Also you are not guaranteed to get consistent results from [PFrames] which divides by a set number unless you want to work the maths out. I like to use the [Divide Length] along with [PFrame] to get a better spacing. Remember to add the last Pframe Manually.

The your Orient might not give you the results you want because the Source Plane is Miles away from your Geometry to Re-Orient.

This would be my approach to something like this. There are still some bugs to remove to do with placing frames around a bend but unfortunately this is all the time I can spare.


Thanks a lot Danny. I am working it out, will post updates once i resolve them. Thanks again.

Hi Khizer,

Another approach to solving your problem. Have you considered using the contour component? 

I am sure there is a way to eliminate the error at the very end, but I have not spent much time on it.

Thanks Sameer. I havent tried contour component, will do so and let you know. Also is there a way to create flow lines like this

You could subdivide the curves and then rotate your section curve at each location and then loft. I suppose that is what you were trying to do originally? 

The gh file is now attached.


Thanks Sameer, But as you may see some of the lines are breaking, is there a way to resolve that?

Not getting how your reference image is related to your geometry. I'll just say how you can get some rectangles profiles lofted and aligned.

-- -- --

Simply offset your curve on the plane that you have cut them. (You will need a good data tree conscious script) Offset each curve both sides. (use offset loose if you prefer to have lighter fasster algorithum)

If the curves are open curve, loft the two offset curve.

If the curves are close curve, planar surface.

Extrude the surfaces you get to the height you prefer.

Etc etc...

--- --- -- 

Another method is keep using PFrame on each curve. Align all planes with world Z. (You can rotate plane later if you prefer) Create profile using poolygon or whatever drawing means, loft them.

-- -- -- 

Another method is Sweep 2 Rail. If you can find a way to define the second rail (Translate them up? offset them? etc etc), you will get better result from the sweep command. (Sweep 1 is actually = to Sweep 2 in that the computer figures out the second rail for you {{correct me if I'm wrong}} ) Sweep is more preferred because it is more precise and efficient than lofting a million profiles.








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