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rebuilding a curve into a polyline of equal segments (length)

Hi All, 

Is there a way to build a curve into a polyline of multiple exact equal segments in grasshopper?



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create circles from start point of curve, where the intersection occurs from the previous circle is the centre point of the next, repeat. Get point list, create lines. All will be equal. This is the generic geometric approach, not sure if there is a component out of the vast array on offer which may do this automatically.

Yes, there happens to be one. Well, it will generate the list of points, you just need to connect the polyline component to it.


No wonder newy011 couldn't find it. It's buried deep under the ambiguously named tab and subgroup:

Curve -> Division -> Divide distance

Classic case of grasshopper ignorance impeding the ability of users to solve simple problems anyone idly browsing the tabs or randomly typing in the finder could do in a doddle...







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