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Hi everyone. I am new to Gismo. I currently installed it successfully but there is an error in reading the OSM file. I would appreciate it if you guide me in this regard.

Thank you again

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Dear djordje,

Please accept my apologies for the late response. These days were so crazy! I am so sorry about it! Yeah, turning off the firewall solved the problem! Please let me know if I can share any information with you. Again sorry for the late response.

Hi Niloofar,
Thank you for the reply.
No problem at all. You were absolutely not late!

Just out of curiosity: which Firewall did you turn off? Was it Windows Security? Or some other one?

of course djordje! 

I believe it was windows security. It was a straightforward issue. My bad I did not consider firewall that moment

Thank you once again for the reply Niloofar.
Do not hesitate to ask, in case you have more Gismo questions. I wish you a nice weekend.

Thanks, djordje!!

Dear djordje,

I am so sorry for my basic questions. First I am so satisfied with the territory !! but I still have some issues with other geometries. Would you please take a look at my file to see what is this error? I rerun it multiple but there is still an error! 

thank you!

Hi Niloofar,
Can you attach a screenshot of the error message?
Also what do you mean with "territory"?

Hi Djordje,

I have attached an image that shows the border outline of Abyaneh village, which I would call territory.

I have attached the error message and codes. I did rerun it multiple times, but it did not change anything.


Hi Niloofar,
You can ignore that message. The message just appears when Gismo in unable to extract all values for input'requiredKeys_'.
If I understood you correctly, you intend to use the Gismo to generate 3D geometry of houses, terrain etc. And not use metadata attached to that geometry (like house numbers, type of building...). Or did I misunderstand you?

Hi djordje,

I hope you are doing well!

I wondered if there is any way to show the contour line of my steeped train (the train that I have created with Gizmo)? And if yes, is there any way to adjust the distance of contour lines?

Thank you again

Hi Niloofar,
Can you show me what do you mean by "steeped train"?

The distance between contour lines - you mean distance in Z direction?

I have uploaded my terrain. As you can see the contour lines are evident in some cases. However, I was wondering if there is any way to showcase the contour lines for the entire terrain. Since I would like to make a physical model and also need to find the relationship between the slope of the terrain and the buildings so I need the contour line of the terrain, like the second file that I have uploaded. 

If it is not clear please let me know to describe it in more detail. thank you again







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