algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i dont remember where i have seen it before, not sure if Human or Meta-hopper discussion.. i wish to have in canvas visualization of the code im composing. 

here is a picture that can show what im looking for 

im attaching an image by13119806_951026441682830_2852905049114649126_o.jpg DesignMorphine 


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Just export your code as high resolution image (in file menu) and take a few screenshots of the rhino viewport - you can adjust rhino viewport settings to have just a white background. Use custom preview or bake your geometry to get the right result. Then it takes about 5 minutes in Photoshop to put it together, or even better use Fireworks, which will be even easier than Photoshop to add text and other vectors like arrows and frames.

That attached image was almost certainly made that way too.

well... i was hopping to live update visual approach inside the canvas.  

if i remember correctly someone hacked it using "Human" or "metahopper"


Ah yes, I am sure it IS possible. But the time it takes to implement, it will be much faster to just do it the old-fashioned way, unless you really want to do this on a massive scale. To tweak everything so it works and to edit something will just take far too long to justify not doing it in Photoshop.

How many of those images are you planning on making?

i wish to have about 5. those would be only for key areas of the def, and not on heavy parts. 

would be great to have a tool like this that can help read the def in large scale... if u know what i mean

as for Michael input. TopMost is great i use it every day.. but it was not what i was aiming for 

I have a rhino command that put a canvas on top of GH. I think I type always on top but I can't find where it comes from. I can't find on discourse or this forum. I will search on my PC.






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