algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi guys!

I wanto to create with rhino python a relationship between my webcam and subject inside the webcam to have, for each single point, a numerical distance.

first of all:

1-is it possible? which is the function? I haven't found it

2-To have a better distance of each point, I've need of 2 webcam to create an "stereoscopic" effect?

thanck you guys!!!!

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While I'm sure that there are Python libraries out there capable of dealing with webcams etc. I think that your best bet for getting something up and running fairly quickly in Grasshopper would be the the Firefly plugin. I believe it can read both webcam and Kinect input (the latter if you want depth data) and it also comes with a bunch of computer vision algorithms. However if you're going for Python perhaps OpenCV for Python or OpenKinect may be options. 

Yes, firefly is a good option but I want to realize my project with OpenCV for python or OpenKinect!!

thank you Anders!!!

Any update ? I hope to use OPENCV in Firefly too , but how about some example ?






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