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i have a 3d coral like pattern created by grasshopper and a complex geometry that I've built in rhino..

i would like to project the corals on top of the surface (and still keep the sliders of the corals so i can fit them in size and other parameters)

 i have no clue how to do that and would be grateful if someone could help me understand what i need to do 

a picture of the 3d pattern and the complex surface is attached along with the grasshopper and rhino files 

thank you for your help :) 

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Here is a way of doing it

1) Mesh your surface with triangles (equilateral). I found EvolutetoolsT-Map seems to be the best. But there are still bugs. MeshMachine from Daniel Piker is another solution. But I have difficulties managing it ! It has the advantage to be part of GH so you can adapt meshing. 

So you will get this (see there are errors)

2) You could use dual mesh to get your Voronoi like things and some loft of the closed polylines.

The most difficult is to get a good mesh !!!!

Script with a mesh !


Here is another way of doing with classical Voronoi. Strange things on legs must come from normals on mesh. Could be cured easily.

Beware script if a bit long (3000 Voronoi) but necessary to have legs joining. 


wow you've been so helpful i can't thank you enough for all your help! thank you again i appreciate that :) 

You are welcome
It was the occasion for me to learn new things. I like also a lot Marc Fornes sculpture so it was the occasion.
Send a picture of your work when it will be finished.






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