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Hi! I have a problem with the installation of LunchBox. I installed and unlocked everything I could, but keeps installing the program completely.

I have only this folder of LunchBox. I don't understand how to fix this problem. Any suggest?

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Do you have any other plug-ins that are using Newtonsoft.Json.dll? If so, it's possible that whatever plug-in you're using is relying on another version. If a different version gets loaded first, Lunchbox won't be able to reference it and won't load.

I installed Karamba and Kangaroo and they work. Sorry, but I don't know what is it Newtonsoft.Json.dll. How it works with Grasshopper?

Found this on the Lunchbox download page maybe it could help from another user with that situation.

I had the same problem but discovered after reinstalling rhino, grasshopper, all plugins, running programs as administrator and trying to bypass the windows 10 safety features that I noticed that I was always using the Rhino 32 bit exe. Solved the problem by using the Rhino 64 bit exe XD. In Rhino 64bit everything seems to be working perfectly. But I did felt kinda dim for overlooking such an easy fix

So by any chance are you using the 32bit version of rhino?

Oh YES!!!! I didn't realize I was using the 32bit version and now everything works perfectly!

Thank you so much!






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