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Hi all,

I have a small problem using the Print Function (Reflect too). When I have a custom class like this: I wont be able to use print function inside that sub. Error Returned: Reference to a non-shared member requires an object reference.

 Thanks A lot.




Public Class VertPackage

    Public PosH As Integer

    Public PosV As Integer

    Public Sub New(ByVal PosH_IP As Integer, ByVal PosV_IP As Integer)

      PosH = PosH_IP

      PosV = PosV_IP

    End Sub

    Public Sub PrintPosH()


    End Sub

End Class

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Hi Victor,

The Print method belongs to the Script_Instance class. In order to access it within a custom class you could pass the current instance of Script_Instance as an argument to your PrintPosH method.

Public Sub PrintPosH(ByVal sI as Script_Instance)


 End Sub


Use the "me" keyword to pass the current instance of Script_Instance as an argument within RunScript.

Dim vP as new VertPackage()

Hi David,


Thank you very much for the explanation. I thought about the me, but had no idea how to use it in this case.








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