algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hey there, 

i want to have a gradually dispersion of point by a colour image. Where the image are red or blue i want a major density of point, that gradually decrese to the area that are yellow. 

Can anyone help me?

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Hi Laurent,

Thank you for your helpful response!

Please find attached a file adapting Daniel's script onto my mesh and successfully packed with circles with variable radii, which were then used to generate points for meshing.

As you can see, the Delaunay mesh outputs a mesh with boundary edges that are not so nice.

I am wondering if there is any way around it?

It seems like it is relevant to the MeshMachine component and discussion:

Essentially, I'd love to have a mesh with variable density informed by a colored map/image, and not so much the points if they don't end up being necessary in generating the mesh.

Thank you very much.


The mesh is not so good because Delaunay is making convex mesh. You could suppress extra faces using their centers or their shapes ... 






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