algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Everybody,

I am experimenting with attractor points at the moment.

What I am trying to achieve is that

a number of points out of a list of points is moving towards an attractor in a curved way (see image).

I am kind of stuck and would appreciate if someone could help me with this.

thank you !!!!!

P.s.:I ve attached the definition that i have so far.

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You can achieve this quite easily with a bit of creative Remapping.

You set the range of distances that will be affected with Source Domain,
the vector strength (multiplier) with the Target Domain (flipped),
and Clipped Output ensures that points that are too far away get clipped to 0 strength.

Minimum makes sure you don't overshoot the original vector.
(does clump up points at the attractor instead though..)



That was exactly what I was trying to achieve.

Thank youuu!!!

your sketch looks like a smooth attractor ... see the attachment


Thank you Erick for your reply.

I studied your suggestion. Using the vector length plus graphmapper to vary the distance from the attractor point makes sense to me !!!!







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