algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, I'd like to set the plugin icon for my gh plugin same as the base plugins and human.

I used the property

public class MyPluginInfo : GH_AssemblyInfo


  public override Bitmap Icon
      return Resource.myIcon;




but apparently it does not work...


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Hi Lorenzo, see the answer here

Thanks Pieter for the useful references! It works now!

yay for icons!

yes pls more people do this it's like someone vomited alphabet soup on my monitor


Added! They will only show up after you let them fly though.

To be fair anyone can register icons for categories, it doesn't have to come from the plugin that provided the components. This was done because I assumed several plugins would share tabs called Extra or something.

Oh cool I didn't know that. How would I go about registering my own icons for other developers' categories? Thanks David.

Pieter's link in the first reply shows the code needed to register icons for any category. 

Got it thanks

Agreed, icons rule! Especially David's icons are really good.
Hard to believe some people prefer named components.

now on COMPONENTS I am still all about the text names :D but let's not get into that argument...






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