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Hi All,

Question: How do I make sure that certain points are included as vertices in my brep or surface, when building from edge curves?

The reason points are important to me is that I am exporting as Stp and require points at certain locations for meshing continuity.

Here's an example where my points vanish into thin air:

Alternatively is there a way that I can add vertices at certain locations so I can at least add them back in again?? Any alternative suggestions other than splitting my surface into a polysurface?

I'd appreciate any help,



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Sorry, here's the image I was trying to attach:

'Crv' is a polyline through the points (and I really know nothing about meshes):

Thanks for the response Joseph, but what I am after is a surface, not a mesh.

To confuse things I will be meshing the surface later on but it is the surface I require at this stage.


I suspect the example you've presented is more trivial then your specific circumstances, but the best thing I could think of was lofting sets of parallel lines. That will give you isocurves at your paired point locations.

Sweep2Rail might also work if your points aren't paired. I'll try that in a second...

So Sweep2Rail doesn't work. Creating a ruled surface may be helpful, but doesn't seem better than lofting.  Alternatively if you know your points will be on your surface you can simply evaluate their UV locations.

Hi Taz,

Thanks for responding as you guessed the example I posted is more trivial than my problem. In fact I'm trying to solve this problem generally as part of my workflow.

The problem seems to be that grasshopper automatically simplifies the edge curves when angles are within tolerances. However I explicitly don't want this simplification to happen!

If you have any other suggestions I would very much appreciate it!






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