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Hi !

The goal of this script was to 3D print this pine cone, however to do so I needed to join all meshes together and make one unique sealed mesh... Something which I didn't succed.

I tryied meshbooleanunion in rhino without succes, I also tryied meshrepair.... So I figured out maybe the best solution was to solution it in grasshopper... but it looked impossible to me :\.

Anyone can help ? 

thank you

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If you want to make a solid mesh, you have to collect all the faces that close it. Join mesh does nothing more than join, it does not cover anything, so it is working as expected (returns a single mesh, then it has joined).
I can not offer you a direct solution, since I do not really know what you're trying to do with group 03, or how you want to solidify the mesh, and you have not internalized the geometry either in that file. But the solution is to create all the mesh (vertices and faces) that allows you to close it when you join all the parts.

You could test with carvegh openflipper zbrush ... There some discussion on this subject






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