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Well, I am more the problem than Pathmapper.


I just don't understand how to use Pathmapper properly. I watched a design reform video and read a few help things but it didnt get through my skull.


So I have a branch of data which I want to grab then separate the items into separate strings. Can someone take a moment to help me out?


Thank you in advance!



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[Path Mapper] is not the tool to use for this process.


[Create Branch] will take an input of N integers and generate a Branch Structure in the format {A;B;C;...N}

So for this case you want {0;0;22} I would use three sliders of integers and input them into [Create Branch] in the correct order to get this.


Also note that Tree Branch will select the right branch but will change the Path Structure to a new tree. If you need to maintain tree structure numbering then [Split Tree] will keep all the data on {0;0;22}. This way you could manipulate it and then [Merge] it back in later.


With regards to [Path Mapper] have you see this post. If you have and are still unclear I might be able to put something together for you for a specific case that applies to one of your projects. 

Perfect! Thank you, it is much appreciated.

Ok another simple problem! I just need to extract from a data tree the number of values within (n value?). But I cant seem to work out how to do it.

List length component?



I feel like I spend more time trying to imagine where these things might be then I do finding them.


Thanks Chris.






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