algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi guys, this may be of interest to all us.

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Dear Evolute,


Thank you for these precisions.

Things are all clear to me, exept one little thing.


I note in the "freeform" paragraph :

        "Special cases, such as rotational or translational surfaces and their extensions by Schlaich et al, which were known before the patents were filed, are prior art and are not considered freeform in the scope of the patents."

How can you tell "freeform" surfaces (i.e. non-mathematical and double-curved, right?) were not known before?

As I said in the very beginning of this discussion, just take a look at a wasp nest. If I owe someone about this idea, it'd be National Geographic for publishing nice close ups (decades ago).


So you just looked for older patents, didn't find any and concluded that you were the first ones to have such a brilliant idea? My conclusion is a little different... As is my opinion on attorneys.


Actually, I should thank you. I personally dislike these "freeform" buildings, which I believe are more about designers's ego than the people living inside. Sue them all for me, I don't have time for this.






Its a good thing patents didn't exist in the stone-age or we might all be paying a caveman, not for the rights of the invented hammer but for every building consisting of a nail. ;)
Did you guys not notice the word "Free" in free-form ?

Yes, true. The term "freeform" itself is a nonsense, an empty shell at the very least.

No matter how hard they try, they won't be able to define it precisely. My forms are never "free", They're the product of reflexions, discussions, regulations ... No, not "free" indeed. A complex, elaborate and smart design. Not my fault if the result is an unknown double-curved non-mathematical surface from outer space...

One last word to Mr Evolute : You should fire this attorney of yours, he's just stealing money from you.

Geometry experts.. No kidding! We're all professionals here.

Well I'm done with this. I've had enough.


YOU´re right,

I am setting back, too.

OH wait, wait I just reinvented the,

WOW! it is so,.....round,...and - curvie

But I patented it already, give me money sir :)


OH sorry,

I,.. I meant the triangle,´s so,,...triaglish?

This guy told me you can't patent this because he invented it first. Here is his picture. 

Wait a second...!?


Even with the latest "pointless" explanations I still think this is a disgrace!!






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