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Dear all, this is the first time that I open a discussion and I hope you can help me. My problem is a little bit hard to explain but I will try!

I want to build a wall following a free curve where the bricks are oriented with the same angle (45 deg). But in this way there are some parts of the curve where the brick overlap. So I was thinking to divide a the length of the curve adding to the fixed dimension a parameter that should be dependent by the shape of the curve ( tangents? circle curve? sine? I don't know!). My theory is that the distance should be the minimum (fixed) in some point and increased in other point.

Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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I think, you must shifting the bricks relatively the world coordinat, and then move the center of brick parallel plane of first brick, to connect them with the path line. Sorry about my english.

I don't think this work properly, because this is more or less what I have already done. Have you tried to make an example, because I believe that the problem of the overlapping, when the curve change path, still remain.

Looks great! So how did you do it?! Would you mind sharing us the definition?

If you look it says solid works

Here try this out. 


Bingo! Thank you so much Michael! :)

Thank you very much, you did it! Now I will need to study what you have done! Just a silly question: because I can't open your gh file (maybe you've got the Rhino 5.0) I can't find the element that you have connected between the PolyLine and the CullIndex, what is its name? Thank you again.

ok don't mind, I found it! ;-)

Its not rhino its the most curremt grasshopper. I suggest you update.






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