algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I urgently need the Paneling tools plugin for my thesis project. I use Rhino 5 SR4 and the latest version of PT needs me to upgrade....which is not possible at the moment :(

Any help to get hold of the plugin would be much appreciated
I know this website is for grasshopper but this is really urgent...


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Any reason why it's not possible to get the free update to the current SR?

It asks for the license key as part of the installation, which I seem to have misplaced =/ recovering it would take its time...that's why I'm trying to find an older version of the plugin....

Would be really really great if you could help me's an emergency :| and I can't seem to find it anywhere....

In the update options enable the automatic update.

Now just continue to work with Rhino (maybe restart it, to trigger the check).

If you let Rhino download the update, you will not be required to enter a licence key as the Installation is loaded from an already verified copy. After it's finished downloading, you will be notified that a new update is ready to install. Again, no key required here.

You only need to enter a key if you click the manual "check for updates" link. This will redirect you to the regular download page and requre you to verify your copy by entering a valid key.

I did try that out. But after upgrading it said that my license had expired! :( Fortunately I had the older version on another computer. But thanks anyway :) I'll try it out again if possible.

In the meantime, I'm thinking that I'll explore tessellation using Grasshopper. I'm relatively new to Rhino so i'm still learning things. Any links you can suggest that would help me out with this?

Thanks again! :)

Updating doesn't even touch the installed license. If this somehow happenend to you, you should contact McNeel and report that as a bug.






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