algorithmic modeling for Rhino

(Edit. David sez: Please append your (well explained) ideas/suggestions/wishes. I don't care much for what you want, I care why you want it.)

Perhaps this topic has been covered recently, but I don't see any active threads.  We're looking for a plugin project and I'd like to get some feedback from the power users before choosing something.


What is missing from grasshopper?  

What would you like to connect to that you can't already connect to?

What kind of bottlenecks do you run into?

What secret wish do you have for Grasshopper that doesn't even seem possible?

What project have you been meaning to undertake but haven't had/won't have the time?

Just trying to brainstorm a few ideas here.  There are so many great and useful plugins out there, it's hard to discover the gaps anymore.   

Looking forward to your thoughts!



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The plan is actually to remove both fancy options and display options for GH2. Wires should always be displayed fancily when you might want to see that information. If the end-points of wires are off the screen, then there's little point in drawing them with the same vigour as fully visible wires. I'm hopeful that I can find a good automatic balance for fading/hiding wires to reduce visual complexity vs. removing important visual cues.

More than anything I'd like the ability to move input and output locations on a component to the top and bottom edges of components. Actually dragging them along the edges of the component until the right spot is found would be cool. the sprawling to the right and slightly downward trend of my bigger patches is becoming way to derivative to describe the glory of their design!

Also I have always felt like the intersections tab is really annoying to use.

Small side note: In order to reduce complexity, maybe you could consider bringing back the old S input at [construct point] and get rid of [point oriented] again.

IMHO S with XY as default would be enough to support its fundamental character, enhance purging the panels and be more obvious for new learners. (I got this question a couple of times lately.) Additionally it would support the more efficient character of constructing in different planes rather than re-orienting geometry itself afterwards.

And I have a special request for [clean tree]: If some how possible please make the order T, E, N, X and set all boolean on true. You always need a Tree for it and in my personal experience, removing empty branches is 95% of all usage.

Thanks for your kind consideration.

Best, p

Hi David,

could you please consider including [DataMatch] (or however you´d like to call it) into Sets-Tree for GH2? Whenever assigning attributes like colours or layer names for baking etc. it is always such a big help.

Best, p

p.s.: Sorry, for not crediting, I forgot who initially wrote this:

Private Sub RunScript(ByVal d As DataTree(Of System.Object), ByVal m As DataTree(Of System.Object), ByRef mD As Object)

    Dim dt As New datatree(Of Object)
    For j As Integer = 0 To m.BranchCount - 1
      For i As Integer = 0 To d.BranchCount - 1
        If m.Path(j).IsAncestor(d.Path(i), 0) Then
          dt.addrange(d.Branch(i).ToArray, m.Path(j))
          Exit For
        End If
    mD = dt

  End Sub

Drag and drop is good, but when the nodes are very far apart it's a problem to connect them.  I couldn't find how to do it any ather way. I think it's better to use copy/paste connetcion method in advance.

RClick menu over start or end point. "Connect to..."  Then select the target connection. 

Connection to Sketchup

Draw preview geometry + draw selected preview geometry 

Real-time data transfer between separate instances of GH files

A fullscreen mode for the rhino viewport would be really beneficial for interactive stuff or projection mapping in grasshopper.

There is already a rhino command but some viewport naming and also the windows bar are still visible in the actual fullscreen mode..

Would it be possible to add a mode that monitors connections between components and warns you when you are about to connect 2 components that will result in having to wait ages for a result?

I know I could disable to solver or just think more about what I am connecting together but a kind of "Proceed with Caution" mode could be useful


surely a more reliable way to stop a running solution would be preferable?

yes, I thought that wasn't possible though?

It's very difficult when the solution runs on the UI thread, but hopefully that will no longer be the case.

Would be great to have the possibility to animate sliders and other input fields in GH and automatically create corresponding key frames in Bongo. I hope this is possible to implement in the future.

All the best,






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