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Is there a easy way of how to get the outline/contour like the _Make2D command in Rhino does... 

(A the moment im doing this by proyecting all the geometry to the XY plane and and doing a solid dif)

For simple stuff is this oke..but for more complex geometry would it be nice to get the contour/outlines facing viewport. 


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I think what you are looking for is called Mesh Outline. In the P (Plane) input it says "if left empty the viewplane will be used", so just plug in your geometry and bake it while in perspective view.

See attached.


Many thanks for the help.

The _MShadow was exactly wat I was looking for.


Daniel, Is there a way of how to avoid the faceted curves that comes out of ( as the input geometry becomes a mesh and therefore the faceted curves)..

If have tried curve2Poly/rebuild/simplified the curves to get Polyline but no sucsess. 

Thanks in advance.

Mesh Shadow uses a Mesh as an input and if you plug in a Brep it will do the conversion to Mesh internally, but using standard (low) settings.

Thats why you should convert the Brep to Mesh yourself before, where you can adjust settings and if not sufficient can even subdivide the Mesh again for extra smoothness, for example using Weaverbirds Catmull-Clark Subdivision, which works great. Now your curves will also be smooth.



Old example... I made a newer one more recently but it got complicated again.






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