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I extracted a number of contours from a brep and am trying to offset those curves .25".  When I set the offset distance to .25" a couple curves fail, when I offset it .32" it starts working again.  Any idea what's going on or maybe a cleaner way to offset to prevent this problem?

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grasshopper file


I don't see any curve failures in this code you posted?  13 inputs, 13 outputs, all "Closed Planar Curves".  I can get it to fail by using negative distance (expression "-x" on the 'Offset D' input.

The Clipper plugin 'PolyOffset' produces both +/- offsets; use the 'H (Holes)' output to get the inner offset.  It will fail too when the distance is greater than the space available, somewhere near ~0.4 in your example.

You can test clipper on food4rhino

What if i need to offset in one direction only?

Anyone have any ideas? I can't offset a set of curves without some of them failing and it's driving me crazy!

Hello, i have a question about offsets in grasshopper. In this example i am doing an offset in grasshopper with a closed curve and it fails. Then i do the same offset in rhino with the same curve and it works perfectly.

Anyone knows why this could happen?


This forum is dead, use

And input a plane in your component






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