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Hi. I would like to know if it's possible to get solid faces from an offset surfaces. I've tried to get this with a irregular polyhedra but the faces of contact between pieces are double curved. I've used weaverbird, Mesh+, etc. Is there something I'm missing? I'm attaching the solid and a example of what I want to achieve.

Thank you and sorry for my poor english.

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I see,

Your original post does not mention you need a controlled offset, it only implies you want clean intersections - thus it becomes tough to understand what you're after. Still, in the file I sent all faces are planar, other wise the cap component would not work :)

Alternatively, you can still measure the distance (face to face) and display it graphically, even while you're scaling via volume. That gives you a pseudo controlled offset.

Once again, I might be misunderstanding which offset you want to control: the planar offset of each mesh face OR the offset of the polyhedron towards the inside.

Also, scaling via volume centroid (or via area centroid) is uniform always (if uniform means proportional?)

Good luck! x)

Ill post something like the solid I have to work when I finish. I promise. Then I'll be clearer in what I need to achieve. Thank you for your time, Rene

scaling via volume centroid (or via area centroid) is uniform always (if uniform means proportional?)

You might want to test those theories before asserting them so boldly,

Dēmiurgos has made it quite clear what he wants - mitered surfaces of constant thickness.  Start with this shape.

Joseph I wasn't theorizing - my disclaimer was that I could have misunderstood, therefore I did ask if by uniform he meant proportional. That's all. I do get it now upon discussing it in detail. Thanks for disproving what I wasn't asserting hehe


 Hi, try this script....


Very nice.  Seems to work well on breps with planar surfaces but not on curved surfaces like the top of the "?".  Good work on handling the data trees of surfaces, curves and points.

Yes you right. Script work with planar surfaces. To curved surfaces you can try to use Offset tool from Surface tab.






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