algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Please tell me how to display a numeric array in the matrix

Can this be done?

Regards Alex

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You have to input a list, and check Multiline Data when right clicking the panel.

I can not understand why?

Are you using the latest version? I think back in 0.9.0014 the matrix components did not work yet. 

Agreed. Notice the Slider does not rename to Rows and Columns

Thanks for the help! All the matter in the version :)

Good afternoon Jesus Galvez's  , why not possible in grasshopper simple steps with matrices?

Good question, but Sorry I don't know why; I've never used matrices in Gh before. If you know a bit of Python, maybe you are better of installing numpy and scipy. However those libraries only work on Rhino 32bits and the latest gh version doesn't work there :'(

The Maths operators won't work on Matrices. I don't know if it is planned to or not.

If you want to use Native Grasshopper Components for Matrix Operations then you will have to deconstruct the matrix and then Data Match the required items, perform the operations and then recompile the End Product.

3x2 matrix multiplication with a 2x2 matrix

EDIT: you can obviously use your original Value list, I was just illustration the fact that you need to have the values not the Matrix


Thanks Danny learn your example. Can I use your algorithm for 5x5 matrices?

for a 5x5 matrix you will need to change the Path Mapper Integers

The zero in the first lines are not necessary but it allows you to see the pattern better


Good evening  Danny Boyes .Thanks for the help, you're a magician Path Mapper!!!

Danny сan the Path Mapper calculate area of ​​a triangle?

with respect Alex :)

The Path Mapper doesn't do any calculations in that sense. What it does is allows you to assign data to different paths so that you have the ability to control the data matching at a much more advanced level.

There is no simple mapping for this particular Operation so you would have to break it up with list components to get the values to the correct calculation. What do you gain from this as opposed to using the Area component?






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