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This is pretty nit-picky, so if it doesn't get picked up it's no big deal, but I have a thought regarding placing number sliders on the canvas.

One current shorthand to define a slider is 0<5<15 which creates an integer number slider from 0 to 15 with an initial value of 5.

most times I don't care what the initial value is, and I'd rather use - than <, so can there be a shortcut like:


which would do the same thing but give an initial value of 0?

It's a pretty insignificant request, but it does cut the number of keys pressed in half :)



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Currently 0-5 will already create a slider with a default of -5. I'm not sure I'm happy to ditch that behaviour. Any other suggestions for notation?

  • 0..15
  • 0->15
  • 0~15
  • 0 15
  • ???


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I like the double dot notation. Could work for both range settings and range+value settings:

  • 0..15        set a range with a default of zero
  • 0..8..15    set a range and a default of 8

Double dots are of course extra keys to press, but since it's the same key twice it doesn't count as heavily.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I really like the idea of the double dot notation.

What about





no shift required and all are close to the number row on the keyboard.

Or .. is really not bad. 

Thanks for taking it into consideration :)

0\5 evaluates to a number so that cannot be used.

0`5 would work, but ` is hard to find.

0=5 I think doesn't work because it's clearly nonsense, zero does not equal five.

The dot is close to the numpad numbers, but indeed not to the number row.

I'll add multiple dot notation, see how it works. If I hate it I'll take it out again. If not, we'll do a public test run.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


I like .. just fine as long as I don't have to set an initial value.



Please also keep users with non EN keyboards in mind.

' or ` require shift in Germany.

. , < do not.

Interesting, < requires shift in English layout.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Polish layout :

-=[];',./\` without shift

_+{}|:"<>?~~ with shift

If you are considering a double hit already, how about 1<2<3 and 1 "<" "<" 3 ?

So you can decide while typing and it´s still one key less for Brian.

(Of course this is meant without the ", but if I post this it will convert to 13...strange.)

The new approach allows for 3 different ways to specify sliders:

  1. The entered text evaluates to a single number. Examples: "5", "5+5", "Pow(2, 6)", "Pi".
  2. The entered text contains 2 or 3 segments separated by "<" symbols. Examples: "2<10", "2<4<10", "Pow(2, 1)<5*Sin(3)<10".
  3. The entered text contains 2 or 3 segments separated by two or more consecutive dots. Examples "2..10", "2..4..10", "Pow(2, 1)....5*Sin(3)..10".

If only two segments are provided, then the initial value will be the same as the minimum value. If a bounds number or a default value is written as a simple number, then the number of decimal places will be harvested. I.e. "2..4..10" is not the same as "2..4..10.00" as the former will result in an integer slider and the latter in a slider with two decimal places.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Maybe both .. And to make everyone happy?






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