algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I am new to grasshoppe and am looking for the 

"Input" X (x+1) "output" R.

See attached photo.

Thank you!!!!!! 

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'Maths | Script' tabs, 'Expression' component - default shows 'x' and 'y' inputs but those can be reduced, expanded and/or renamed as needed.

Or you can just use the 'Expression' option on many component inputs (right click) to do the same thing.

You can also create the whole thing from scratch by typing in f(x) = x+1 in the double-click popup list:

Does not seems to work here on 9.76

Inputting f(x) in the search only brings up Flip Surface and not Expression, even if I fill in the whole line as you have done.

Is there a full list of Search Shortcuts anywhere listed. I know a few like // for Panel and 1..3 for Slider with set min and max

Mm, maybe I added this after the last GH for Rhino5 release. I don't remember.

It should work in the Grasshopper that ships with Rhino6 Beta at least.

 Hello David,

excuse my english ;) how to get access to Rhino6 Beta?



Yeah works in grasshopper within the latest V6 Beta.

Any answer on the shortcut list ?  I know its slightly off topic, but could not find anything witha quick search but feel i have seen something before about it ;)

Nice find Alex, don't know how i missed in the search.. should have had a look look in the FAQs to :D






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